AI-powered services by Moore Hong Kong and Yieldrive to address the demand for financial ESG data in Asia

AI-powered services by Moore Hong Kong and Yieldrive to address the demand for financial ESG data in Asia

Moore Hong Kong is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Yieldrive AG, an innovative Swiss fintech company, in Asia. Together, the collaboration is pioneering an AI-powered ESG data solutions, uniquely able to quantify ESG impacts in "Dollars and Cents" for the emerging $50 trillion (AUM) World ESG market.

This innovative collaboration empowers companies to enhance ESG performance with actionable financial metrics. Boards can elevate their ESG governance, companies can affect stakeholders by disclosing ESG financials, and executive compensation can be aligned with financial ESG outcomes. Asset managers can optimise ESG effects on portfolio risk/return profiles, offering unparalleled insights.

The market for ESG data and support services is huge, estimated at $65 bn worldwide. Yet almost no one is offering a service to calculate the financial impacts of companies’ ESG projects,” says Patrick Rozario, Managing Director of Moore Advisory Services in Hong Kong.

The Yieldrive financial ESG algorithm has shown effectiveness in two indexes conducted in collaboration with Euromoney media. It highlighted the tangible influence of ESG on stock prices, revenues, margins, cost of equity, earnings per share, and fair value. ESG impact on financial metrics is evident.

Recent surveys have shown that investors, executives, asset managers and key stakeholders are demanding to see company-specific financial impacts of ESG, and not just relatively non-actionable compliance data—also called “box checking,” comments Dr William Cox, CEO of Yieldrive AG.

Yieldrive AG is a Swiss financial technology stock company using state-of-the-art AI combined with advanced and proven algorithms founded by specialists in ESG, investing, technology and financial services 3 years ago. It offers unique services calculating and tracking the financial impacts of ESG in companies and portfolios.

Moore Hong Kong, a leading advisor with a strong reputation for delivering exceptional services, continues to drive innovation and provide forward-thinking solutions to its clients. This collaboration signifies Moore Hong Kong’s milestone in the evolution of ESG analysis, providing actionable insights that drive sustainable financial performance.