Shipping & Transport

Moore is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading shipping accountant and adviser and provides an array of services to shipping and transport clients across the globe. These services include audit work, business support and outsourcing, employment and remuneration services, governance, risk and assurance, tax mitigation and planning, and other business development services.

Additional to these services we offer specialised consulting advice on specific issues that can impact heavily on the decisions made by businesses. Our dedicated professionals have an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding the shipping and transport industry.

In our long association with the shipping industry, we have accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge and breadth of worldwide experience, and with member firms in all of the world’s principal shipping locations, our network of members is able to provide a truly international service.

Our clients range from single vessel owners to large multinational corporations, and also include brokers, ship managers, and logistics businesses. Key to our success is people: dedicated experts who have worked both for and within the maritime industry.